Chip’s Challenge Ultimate Package

The Chip’s Challenge Ultimate Package (CCUP) is a bundle created by me that includes applications for playing and editing the classic Windows version of the game Chip’s Challenge, or a sister project, Tile World.

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    Current version: 240605

    The package is completely free to use and full details of what is included and how to use it are included at this wiki. The source code of the latest version of the wiki approved by me is copied below for reference.

    The '''Chip's Challenge Ultimate Package''' (CCUP) is a bundle that includes applications for playing and editing [[Chip's Challenge]] or [[Tile World]]. For another bundle, see [[Tile World Gold]].
    The Chip's Challenge Ultimate Package contains the following:
    *'''Chip's Challenge''' - the popular Microsoft version of the game by [[Chuck Sommerville]]
    *'''Tile World''' - a Chip's Challenge emulator written by [[Brian Raiter]]
    *'''[[Ray's Challenge]]''' - a game by [ Connor Hawke] inspired by Chip's Challenge
    *'''[[CCTools]]''' by [ Michael Hansen] - three tools ([[CCEdit]], [[CCLM]], [[CCHack]]) for creating Chip's Challenge levels and mods
    *'''Custom skins''' that can change the look of Chip's Challenge, including make it look like [[Chip's Challenge 2]]
    *'''Quality level sets''' created by the gaming community, including [[CCLP1]], [[CCLP2]], [[CCLP3]], [[CCLP4]], and [[CPW]].
    This package can be downloaded at [].
    Installation is as simple as doing the following:
    *1. Unzip CCUP_*.
    *2. Move/copy canyon.mid to C:\Windows.
    ===='''Installation Notes'''====
    After installing as above, you are free to change the path settings in CCTools to the following:
    *At CCEdit.exe -> Tools -> Options -> Testing -> Chips.exe: ...\CCUP\Apps\Chip's Challenge\CHIPS.EXE
    *At CCEdit.exe -> Tools -> Options -> Testing -> TWorld.exe: ...\CCUP\Apps\TileWorld\tworld.exe
    *At CCLM.exe -> Options -> Editor Locations -> CCEdit.exe: ...\CCUP\Apps\CCTools\CCEdit.exe
    *At CCLM.exe -> Options -> Program Locations -> Chips.exe: ...\CCUP\Apps\Chip's Challenge\CHIPS.EXE
    *At CCLM.exe -> Options -> Program Locations -> TWorld.exe: ...\CCUP\Apps\TileWorld\tworld.exe
    It is not necessary to place the contents in the relative locations specified above, but if you place files elsewhere you may need to accordingly change file path settings in some files or apps to get everything working correctly.
    Also, wherever you place the contents, note the following:
    *If canyon.mid is not in C:\Windows, then the song will fail to play in Chip's Challenge.
    *A valid path to Tile World (tworld.exe) must not contain any spaces.
    Finally, to open various related files more quickly in the future, you can configure Windows to make the following filetype associations if these associations don't already exist:
    *.[[CCL]] files <-> CCLM.exe
    *.[[DAT]] files <-> CCEdit.exe
    *.[[CCP]] files <-> CCHack.exe
    ===='''Compatibility Notes'''====
    *Unless an emulator is used, the executables in this package can only be run in Windows.
    *The included 16-bit MS version of Chip's Challenge will not run on 64-bit Windows. For a free version of Chip's Challenge that runs on 64-bit Windows, see [ Chip's Challenge 1 in the Steam store].
    *Due to its internal design, in post-XP Windows many sound effects in Chip's Challenge may not play properly and the game's framerate can decrease significantly if background music is playing. To accommodate for these potential issues, sound effects and background music in Chip's Challenge are disabled by default. They can be re-enabled via the game's "Options" menu.
    ==Playing and Editing Tips==
    ===='''Chip's Challenge - Skip Levels'''====
    See [[Ignore Passwords]].
    ===='''CCTools - Empowering the Creator'''====
    CCTools consists of three main tools, summarized below:
    *[[CCEdit]] allows the creation of new levels and editing of existing levels playable in either Chip's Challenge or Tile World using MS or Lynx rulesets.
    *[[CCLM]] (Chip's Challenge Level Manager) allows for quick play of any level set in the form of a CCL file, without needing to first convert the level set to an executable.
    *[[CCHack]] allows the modification of various features in Chip's Challenge, including the interface, sound effects, and message text. The data can be stored in patch files or directly written onto an executable.
    For help on using these three tools, please consult the CCTools help file included, or contact the author of [[CCTools]] at [ his site].
    Playable demos featuring the following three custom skins can be found in the "Chip's Challenge" folder, and corresponding patches which may be applied to executables can be found in the "Interfaces" folder.
    *The Kayu Interface by Connor Hawke is an update to the MS Chip's Challenge interface. It sports shinier sprites and an overall more "polished" feel. Many tiles of this interface are also used in the Flash game [ WebCC].
    *The Chip's Challenge 2 Interface features a look used in the official sequel to Chip's Challenge.
    *The Challengo Interface uses sprites from the tribute game [[Ray's Challenge]] to provide an overall darker atmosphere to Chip's Challenge.
    *In addition to these three custom interfaces, the original default interface is included (see patch_default), as well as a "fixed" version (see patch_default_fixed) that corrects some minor inconsistencies in the original default interface, such as misaligned masks. CHIPS.EXE is initially set up with the original, "unfixed" version.
    ==Level Sets==
    The Chip's Challenge Ultimate Package comes packed with 1000+ levels that can be played using either the MS or Lynx [[ruleset]]s. There are also thousands of other custom levels online, and CCTools for creating your own levels.
    The 1075 Chip's Challenge levels in this package are contained within the following level sets:
    *[[Chip's Challenge 1|CHIPS]] (149 levels) - The original, classic Chip's Challenge level set
    *[[CCLP1]] (149 levels) - Chip's Challenge Level Pack 1, available in CCUP as of version 2
    *[[CCLP2]] (149 levels) - Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2, a set of fun levels created by many players, as an expansion
    *[[CCLP3]] (149 levels) - Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3, a continuation in the series, with superb quality levels
    *[[CCLP4]] (149 levels) - Chip's Challenge Level Pack 4, available in CCUP as of version 2
    *[[CPW]] (320 levels) - A set of levels by three people. Variations of many of these levels are featured in the tribute game [[Ray's Challenge]].
    *Tile World Intro Pack (9 levels) - A level set serving to introduce gameplay elements, bundled with [[Tile World]]
    *Test Pack (1 level) - A level that can be used for testing and debugging sprite masks or other elements
    The above exclude the 100+ levels in Ray's Challenge.
    ==External Links==
    [ CCUP download]

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