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I started designing graphics as a hobby when I was a teenager. Near the beginning, this included skins (web templates) for forum software including Invision, vBulletin and phpBB, and eventually led to the development of full templates for websites. I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and coded in HTML, CSS, PHP and JS.

My skins proved popular and led to my promotion as design staff on the now-defunct IFSkinZone which had thousands of active daily users, and later, full-time employment as a designer at various companies as detailed in my CV.

Due to the upkeep needed for skins, particularly those for software like forums which are constantly updated, I no longer actively develop these, but to prevent these being lost forever, I have provided the last updates I have for these as a downloadable package that you can access by submitting your email at the form below. You are free to use, update/convert, and/or redistribute these, only non-commercially and including attribution to me; full terms at

The downloadable package also includes, as a bonus, a few mods (hooks/plugins) I coded, although as with the skins, these will most likely not function properly on the latest editions of the software these were coded for. As a result, I no longer provide support for these products, but thorough instructions are included for the versions they were designed for.

Keywords based on continuous rebranding and occasional affiliation during those years: kman, ifsz, bgstyles, nbsdesignz, kskins, cskins, vyper, etcher,, xr3x. These products are now simply branded under my legal name.

    Please submit your email address to receive an email with the skin package.

    Screenshots of the skins and mods are included below. Right-click (on desktop) or long-tap (on mobile) for a full-size view option.

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