Inaudible Watermark

This FL Studio .flp template contains a watermark I produced in relation to the steps at that you’re free to modify and adapt for your own project use. Attribution for the watermark idea itself goes to the original creator(s) involved with the idea in the aforementioned link; this is just an edit and a template that has prepared everything necessary for the watermark except your own image.

I tweaked the settings so it’s virtually inaudible (unlike the watermark in the tutorial) assuming no mixer effects other than what were used are significantly amplifying it (my use of Maximus on projects using this template seems fine). I found note A#4 to be optimal for this.

The first and potentially only step to adapting this watermark for your use is to upload your own watermark image in Harmor. Instructions on doing this and any other modifications are in the tutorial linked to above. The image you use may affect the result so you can either try to replicate the same positioning of the letters in my image in your image, or tweak the settings in Harmor/etc.

WAV and screenshot also included for demonstration.

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    2 June 2019 – initial release
    20 May 2023 – minor filename/metadata updates

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